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Why should I use Throne Storefront?
Why should I use Throne Storefront?
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We know creators work hard to make great content.

Every day you showcase your talent, make other peoples' days a little bit better, and break away from the mold.

However, even if you love it, you also need to be able to make a living.

Surprisingly, a lot of creator platforms are working against creators. The big platforms take most of the ad revenue, switch up algorithms, and make it hard for the creators to succeed.

One truly performance-based avenue of earning money is recommending products.

You already have the trust and confidence of your fans, and they value your opinion. However, now you can support yourself financially, whilst also helping people to find products they love!

“I have affiliate links, Isn’t this the same thing?”

The answer is not really. Yes, affiliate links help you earn by recommending products, but if you are just using affiliate links you are under-selling yourself.

So why ditch affiliate links for Storefront?

  • Higher Conversion: sending your community to several different sites via different affiliate links can overwhelm fans. When people feel lost, they don’t buy. If they don’t buy, you don’t earn, which is obviously not ideal. Throne lets the customer check out directly on your Throne Storefront, without being redirected to loads of different pages. You can make the Throne Storefront your own, and customize it to suit your image. Without the extra barriers, customers are more likely to purchase and you are more likely to earn!

  • 100% Attribution: due to all the privacy software and laws nowadays, not all purchases customers that you refer make actually get linked back to you. This means you might refer a customer to an item but when they check out, the affiliate system does not know that you sent this user. This means you don’t earn. Since customers check out directly on Throne, 100% of the business you drive will be credited to you!

  • Higher Commission: because we negotiate for you with brands who see the power of the Throne Storefront, we can offer unusually high commissions. Earn up to 45% commission on products. That means if you sell a $100 product, you keep $45!

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