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Basic Troubleshooting Guide: "Why can't I access Throne or my wishlist?"
Basic Troubleshooting Guide: "Why can't I access Throne or my wishlist?"
Updated over a week ago

If you are having issues accessing Throne's site, please try these steps before creating a support ticket.

1. Try a different browser

Sometimes certain browsers won't load the site properly or have built-in blockers that can cause issues with the site.

2. Try loading it on mobile; or, if you use mobile, try loading it on a desktop browser

Again, sometimes just switching how you access the site can change enough for it to work.

3. Try accessing the site on mobile using data only.

Sometimes your ISP could be blocking something or stalling out where it won't load the site.

4. Turn off adblockers, extensions, and/or VPNs

We've found that some adblockers and some VPNs interfere with Throne, and some VPNs can keep you from accessing Throne. Try to turn your VPN on, then off, and then close the program completely in Task Manager. We've found this may sometimes help!

5. Ask a friend if your Throne page will load for them.

This is especially useful if you are coming across errors loading your specific Throne list. This can tell us if there is an issue with the account, or just with your access to your page.

If you have tried all of these steps and still cannot access Throne or are receiving errors on the site, please move next to our Debugging Guide and submit a ticket to our Support & Engineering teams following the steps in that guide.

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