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Throne Balance - Refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance
Throne Balance - Refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance
Updated over a week ago

❗️❗️ This functionality is only available for all purchases after the 24th of January 2022 for technical reasons. We will not be able to refund older items to the Throne Balance.

Refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance

One way to increase your Throne Balance is refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance. We try our best to order all items that fans buy for you, however, this is not always possible. There are times when items are out-of-stock or the merchant will not let us use our US-based corporate card to buy them. In that case, we want to give you the opportunity to re-use your balance to choose a different item.

Step 1: Go to the issue item

First, go to the issue screen for the item you want to refund to your Throne Balance. You can get to the issue screen via the Email we send you or via your Throne Orders List.

Step 2: Choose the "Refund to Throne Balance" option

Click the "Refund to Throne Balance" button. We refund you the entire amount paid by your fan.

Step 3: Completing the refund

Once the refund is complete two things should happen...

  1. Your item's status should change from "Issue" to "Credited". This is the status that is assigned to items that have been refunded to your Throne Balance.

  2. Your Throne Balance should increase.

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