Throne Withdrawals
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What are Throne Withdrawals?

Due to popular demand, the Throne Withdrawals system was added. The Throne Withdrawals system allows you, the creator, to withdraw funds from your Throne Balance to a withdrawal method of your choice (usually bank or credit card).

You can then use these funds to purchase the gifts for yourself.

As with normal orders, Throne Withdrawals are completely secure. All data that is collected to enable Throne Withdrawals is used for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and security reasons only.

Throne Withdrawals are powered by Stripe Inc.

Please note: Stripe takes 7 business days to process the withdrawal, this is the date we give you! It can then take the banks some time to transfer the funds.

How do I create a withdrawal?

Step 1: Complete onboarding

In order to enable Throne Withdrawals, you will have to complete the onboarding on your dashboard. During onboarding, security information is collected. This information is used for security and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) reasons. KYC requirements vary based on country, however, all requirements should be explained in the Throne application or whilst completing the Stripe Connect onboarding flow.

Make sure to provide accurate information. Any knowingly inaccurate information will lead to rejection and is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Step 2: Increase your Throne Balance

There are many events that can cause your Throne Balance to increase. From items being refunded due to returns to you adding "direct credit" items to your wishlist.

Find more information about the Throne Balance here.

Step 3: Withdraw Balance

Once your account has been verified and KYC'ed you can withdraw your balance to a withdrawal method of your choice (bank account or card). You can use those funds to then buy the gifted items for yourself. Please reach out to Support if you have any questions.

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