What is the Throne Balance?
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What is it?

The Throne Balance is a virtual balance you hold with Throne. It can be increased and decreased in a multitude of ways (read more about this below) and it can be used to buy items from your wishlist or other people's wishlists.

The important thing is that the Throne Balance is only available to signed-up creators and can be used for gifts on your wishlist.

What increases and decreases the Throne Balance?

⬇️ Redeeming the Throne Balance

One event that decreases your Throne balance is using it to buy gifts. To do this, you must be logged into your account. You can then visit someone's wishlist (or your own) and use the Throne Balance to gift items.

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⬆️ Fan purchases Direct Credit (payout) item

If you are gifted a Direct Credit item, the value of this item (including shipping and taxes) will be added to your Throne Balance so that you can purchase these items yourself after you withdraw your balance.

⬆️ Refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance

One event that increases your Throne Balance is refunding an issue item to your Throne Balance. You can do this by visiting the "issue" screen of any issue item you have. The item will then have an option of "Refund to Throne Balance". We will credit you the entire amount your fan paid for the item.

This functionality is only available for all purchases after the 24th of January 2022 for technical reasons. We will not be able to refund older items to the Throne Balance.

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⬆️ Refunding a Partner Item to your Throne Balance

Partner Stores sometimes, in rare cases, refund items. This can happen for various reasons including cancellations, returns or items not being able to be delivered. In this case, we will immediately credit you the entire refund amount we received from the merchant.

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How can I use it?

You can use the Throne Balance as a way to gift items on the Throne platform. You can do this by going to any wishlist (including your own), adding items to your cart and then checking out. Your Throne Balance will automatically be applied during checkout. We do not recommend purchasing Direct Credit items with your Throne Balance because these will just go back to your Throne Balance as "payout" items and you will not receive the items.

You can also withdraw your Throne balance, read more about this here.

Read more about this in our dedicated article.

What can I not use it for?

❌. You cannot refund orders to the original payment method if the order was completely or partially paid using your Throne Balance.

❌. You should not use your Throne Balance on any Direct Credit items. (Anything marked "payout" on your wishlist.)

❄️ What is meant by my Throne Balance being frozen?

Your Throne Balance can be frozen for a multitude of reasons. This includes system errors when updating the balance, needing verification details and more. Once your balance is frozen, you will not be able to increase or decrease it in any way. As soon as a balance is frozen, our technical specialist team is notified to look at the cause. We aim to remove any hold within 48 business hours.

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