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Can I issue a chargeback for a gift I bought?
Can I issue a chargeback for a gift I bought?
Updated over a week ago

We ask that you please do not issue chargebacks for gifts you've purchased.

If you have an issue with a gift you've purchased for a content creator, please see the following:

•The creator hasn't received the item

Check in with the content creator! Creator will have the most up to date information and can request tracking. They can also report the gift as lost from their dashboard if needed.

If a creator needs assistance they should reach out to Support directly!

We cannot and will not provide tracking information to gifters.

•The creator received something I didn't select

Check in with the content creator. If we are unable to order the item from their wishlist, content creators are given the choice of either refunding this to you or to their Throne Balance.

Payout items will automatically go to their Throne Balance for them to withdraw and order the items themselves!

These are indicated on their wishlist with a "payout" label.

Creators can also use their Throne Balance on another item on their wishlist! It's completely up to them.

•I decided I do not want to send the gift to the creator

Gifters cannot initiate refunds for gifts. If you wish to cancel the gift, you must contact the content creator and ask them if they would cancel the gift and initiate a refund to you.

Gifters (fans) cannot request refunds to protect the content creators from malicious cancellations or harassment. Please note that when you purchased the gift, you agreed to our terms of service.

What if my credit card was stolen and someone else purchased a gift on Throne

Please contact your bank immediately if you think your credit card was stolen and/or compromised. They will assist you with any fraudulent purchases.

You can also contact our support team if needed!

What happens if a payment is flagged or I issue a chargeback

If a payment is flagged as potential fraud by our payment processor, Stripe, the purchase will be halted, the content creator will be notified, and the funds will be frozen while Stripe and the banks investigate and–if necessary–authorities will be notified of the theft.

Your card and account on Stripe may be blocked to prevent further purchases so we do highly recommend against doing so.

Please note: Content creators who encourage their gifters to issue chargebacks may have their Throne account suspended or frozen.

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