As a Gifter: How does Throne work?
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  1. Go to the Throne page for the person you'd like to gift.

  2. Add any gift you'd like to your cart! (You can add multiple gifts if you want.)

  3. Add a gift message (or even gif) if you so choose. You can even choose your "gifter name", which will allow you to gift anonymously if you'd like! Throne won't reveal who you are to the gifter. Only the name you choose or the info in your message will be shared.

  4. Check out! Your credit card info is kept completely safe and private and is not shared with the gifter at all.

  5. Throne buys the gift, or if it's a Direct Credit item, the funds will be deposited to their Throne Balance.

  6. You'll receive an email confirmation of this gift, as well as a receipt of your purchase. If a gift was purchase (and not Direct Credit), you'll receive an email to confirm when this item was ordered by Throne. If a creator has sent your a personalized Thank You, you'll receive an email with a link to access your special message!

What if there is an issue:

  1. Check this FAQ site for information and answers

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