As a Creator: How does Throne work?
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  1. Create an account using your email, Google account, Twitch, Twitter, or Youtube. Include your real name and address in your shipping details, so that your gifts can arrive to you security and safely, knowing that your information is secure on Throne.

  2. Add items to your wish list from our Partner stores, verified stores, or anywhere else online -- including adding cash gifts, which don't require links!

  3. Share your list with your community!

  4. When someone purchases a gift for you, you'll receive a email. (You can also set up Twitter notifications as well as stream alerts!)

  5. Throne will then either buy the gift for you, or credit your Throne Balance with the funds for the gift. Your personal information will never be shared with your gifters, nor will they receive any kind of tracking or delivery information. Throne does not handle your gifts personally; they will be sent directly from the merchant to your home.

  6. Wait for your gift to arrive safely to your home, or withdraw the funds to your bank account and purchase the gift at your leisure.

  7. Enjoy your gift! You can thank your gifters via Throne if you'd like.

What if there is an issue:

  1. Check this FAQ site for information and answers

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