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What happens if a fan issues a chargeback?
What happens if a fan issues a chargeback?
Updated over a week ago

If a fan issues a chargeback, we contact them to find out more details. We submit evidence of the purchased product to our payment processor, which usually will settle the disputes with the bank. If not, depending on the individual case, we work out an amicable solution with the creator and fan.

If the chargeback was indeed due to fraud (for example a stolen credit card was used for the transaction), it is very hard for us to recover any funds. In these cases, the fraudulent charges are reported to the police and the funds are returned to the original cardholder. In cases of fraud, these cards will be blocked by the payment processor to prevent any further purchases.

What happens to my gifts if a fan issues a chargeback?

If a chargeback occurs for a gift, that item will be placed on hold. We will not be able to complete this purchase until we have resolved this issue with the fan. If the chargeback was due to fraud, we will not be able to continue with this purchase as it was placed fraudulently.

What happens to my Throne Balance if a fan issues a chargeback?

If a chargeback is due to fraud, such as a stolen credit card, or any other illegal means, we would have to remove these funds from any Throne Balances.

If I'm unhappy with my gift, can I tell my fan to issue a chargeback?

No. Under no means should you encourage your gifters to issue chargebacks for purchases. Users who tell their fans to issue chargebacks may have their accounts frozen and/or suspended.

If you are unhappy with your gift, please contact support. If the item is damaged or the merchant sent you the incorrect item, you can file a return/exchange request. If an item is lost, please file a lost item request, and our tracking team will work to locate the item for you. Read more about lost items here.

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