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What happens if my gift is lost?
What happens if my gift is lost?
Updated over a week ago

Lost gifts can be frustrating, but here are some steps you can take!

We will do our best to help you locate and possibly replace your item.

Request Tracking

First, if you have not requested tracking for the item yet, or it was not automatically provided, request tracking for your gift(s).

Go to your profile's order dashboard and click "Help" then "Track Item". Some delivery services offer proof of delivery.

You will receive your tracking in the same location so be sure to check back!


Submit a Lost Package report

After you have received your tracking, if you still haven't received your gift, you can submit a Lost Package claim from the same Help menu on the order dashboard.

Tracking Requests and Lost Package claims are sent to our Tracking Team and typically take up to 5 business days whilst they investigate the lost item case.

Sometimes these requests require us to contact the merchants, which can delay the process. We appreciate your patience!

All lost package reports for gifts that were purchased with the automated Amazon ordering system are sent directly to Amazon.

If your tracking says it was delivered, but you do not have your gift.

1) Submit the Lost Package claim

Our tracking team will check the tracking and check-in with the merchant. If the tracking states that it was delivered–in most cases–we are at the mercy of the merchant and if they will not replace the lost item we may not be able to re-order it.

2) Check with neighbors and/or landlord

Sometimes packages can be left with neighbors or in leasing offices. If you live in an apartment complex, sometimes there are central locations where packages are left. Ask your landlord to communicate with other residents about missing packages. If you or your neighbors have security cameras, check those to see if the delivery person did drop the item off on the day it was marked as delivered.

3) Contact the delivery service/post office

Throne does not handle the delivery of gifts and does not select the carrier that will be delivering the package. This is all managed by the merchant. Contact the carrier or post office with the tracking number and let them know the delivery was not successful.

Many delivery services -- especially in the U.S. such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS -- offer free accounts on their websites that will allow you to receive automatic tracking for all packages coming to your address as well as notifications, alerts for delays, and vacation settings.

4) File a police report for stolen items

Especially for larger items or high-value items, filing a police report for stolen items may help if you live in an area where package theft is common. We often need to submit these police reports to merchants in order to get a refund. If a merchant requires a police report, you will need to submit one to Throne so we can use this to try to get your refund.

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot replace stolen or lost items. Throne will reach out to the merchants on your behalf, however, it is the stores and brands who make these decisions. Occasionally the merchant will refund Throne for the lost or stolen gift–in these cases you will have the option to refund your fan or to your Throne balance. In rare occasions we may be able to re-order the item.

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