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What does my gift status mean? (What does it mean if my gift is "processing/shipped/credited"?)
What does my gift status mean? (What does it mean if my gift is "processing/shipped/credited"?)
Updated over a week ago

Your gift's status will let you know where it is in the ordering process.

When a fan purchases a gift for you, it will be marked as "queued" on your dashboard. This means that we have the record of the order, and once the payment is confirmed it will be sent to our Ordering Team's and marked as "processing" for an agent to order or will continue in the automatic purchasing system for partnered & Amazon items.

Once a gift is ordered by our agents, it will be marked as "ordered." Depending on whether the item was ordered through our automated system (such as for partner stores or some Amazon items), it may also indicate when an item has shipped and will be marked as such.

If you are unsure where your gift is, please submit a tracking request from your dashboard.

Other statuses

"Issue" means there was a problem with the order and we need your assistance to complete the order. This could mean that we are missing information about the size, color, or style, or perhaps the price entered originally is now incorrect (missing shipping or the merchant changed the price). Read more about what to do if there is an issue with your order here.

"Credited" means that we have credited your Throne Balance for the value of this gift (this will appear for all Direct Credit items). This was formerly "transferred."

"Refunded" means that this item was refunded to your fan or your Throne balance.

"Returned" means that this item was confirmed returned by the merchant and you have the option to refund to your fan or your Throne balance.

"Hold" means that there was an issue with this payment and our payment processor, Stripe, has flagged this purchase. These items can take time for Stripe to investigate, as they have to make sure there is no fraud or stolen credit cards.

"Received" is a status that you select from your Orders page to show that you have received the gift.

"Delivered" is set on orders with automatic tracking, and is an automated status set only when the tracking information shows that the item has been delivered. You can read more about this here.

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