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What does "Credited" mean on my gift status? What are "Direct Credit" items?
What does "Credited" mean on my gift status? What are "Direct Credit" items?
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What are "Direct Credit Items"?

For multiple reasons, Throne cannot order from every single online store in every single country. We do support a wide range of stores which can be seen on our merchants page.

For unsupported online stores, creators have the ability to buy the item themselves. Unlike normal gifting transactions, where Throne receives the money and buys and has the item shipped to the creator, the creator will receive the funds directly once a gift is bought. The creator can then buy the item for themselves with these funds. (Cash gifts are also considered "direct credit" or "payout".)

These items have a green "Payout" icon on your dashboard and on the main wish list page, as shown below.

On your Throne Dashboard:

What your fans see on your Throne Wishlist:

How does it work?

When a direct credit/payout item is bought, whether that is a crowdfunded item or not, the funds are credited directly to the creator's Throne balance.

The creator can then withdraw the balance to a withdrawal method of their choice and use the funds to purchase the item. You can withdraw your balance here!

Please note that there is a service fee for direct credit items, but it is lower than shipped gifts. You can learn more about our fees here.

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