Throne Item Types
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Throne has several different item types and it is important to understand the differences. Different item types behave differently and have different fees.

Partner Items

Partner items come from one of our Partner Stores. Partner Stores are merchants Throne has a partnership with. These items are amazing for creators because...

💸 They have 0% service fees

🚚 They have automatic tracking

⚡️ Orders are placed immediately (no wait time)

♻️ Price and stock syncing causes fewer issue items

Partner Stores are, however, only available to some countries.

Manual Items

Manual items are items that do not come from Partner Stores but that are ordered by Throne Staff for the creator. Manual items can come from a select set of allowed stores. These stores generally accept Throne's order placing and have been vetted thoroughly by the Throne Team for security and quality. These items have a service fee which is needed to cover the costs involved with the shipping and placing of these orders.

All allowed merchants can be seen on the merchant page.

Direct Credit Items

Direct Credit items are items that are credited directly to the creator's Throne Balance. Direct Credit items generally come from stores that Throne does not support* or mean that the creator is in a country that Throne can not directly order to.

The creator can then withdraw the funds on their Throne Balance to their withdrawal method of choice in order to buy the gift for themselves.

Cash gifts are Direct Credit.

*Throne is continually vetting more stores and our list of approved stores will keep growing. To suggest stores for your country, please visit our UpVoty site.

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