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What if my address is wrong? Will I still get my gifts?
What if my address is wrong? Will I still get my gifts?
Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, if your address is wrong, this could absolutely cause an issue with getting your gifts to you.

It is the responsibility of the user/creator to make sure that their address is correct, so please be sure your address is up to date! If you are moving, please follow these suggestions so that you can pause your wishlist and so your gifts are not sent to the wrong address.

Please update your address as soon as you can

Once you have updated your address, if a gift was purchased by a fan and was a manually ordered item the Ordering team should see the new address you've added as long as the item was still in "processing" status.

Unfortunately any items ordered by our automated system, including Partner Store items, are entered into the system immediately when they are purchased. This means our system will use the address on file at the time of the gifter purchasing the item for you. You can update your address here!

As stated in our Terms (7.2.10):

Throne does not control the delivery time or method of any gift, and Throne is not liable for any delivery or shipping issues or delays. Throne is not responsible for any gift lost in transit, stolen after delivery, or lost due to an incorrect, incomplete, or outdated address, a PO box address, or an otherwise non-residential address. Throne will submit refund requests to verified stores for lost or stolen gifts, but Throne will not be obligated to offer refunds for any lost or stolen gifts if the verified store denies the refund request. In order to submit a refund request, Throne may request additional evidence or documentation from the creator including, but not limited to, a police report.

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