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Do you know a brand we should add as a partner merchant?
Do you know a brand we should add as a partner merchant?
Updated over a week ago

We absolutely love adding new partner merchants to Throne!

If you directly know someone at a brand who might be a good fit for partnering with Throne, please follow the steps below!


Please first check with this person if there is a general interest in working with Throne. If so, great! We'd kindly ask that you introduce us to your contact. Simply reach out to us at [email protected] and CC the person to get us in touch with them. We will want to schedule a call with brand partnership managers to make sure that they are a good fit for our platform.

Developing a partnership:

Once we are in touch with the brand you introduced us to, we'll communicate with them to iron out the details of our partnership and get them listed on Throne. Once this is figured out, the brand's products will be available on Throne and can be added to your wishlists!

As we charge brands a referral fee, we do not charge a service fee for partner shop products to fans purchasing gifts. So adding gifts from these shops gets you more gifts due to lower fees once they are partner brands!


If you successfully introduced us to a contact within a brand which we ended up partnering with, we'll reward you by giving you USD $500 in credits for purchases from your Throne wishlist!

Please note, this is not the same as suggesting a brand! In this context, you would need to introduce us to a contact at the brand for the $500 reward.

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