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What do you expect from your Throne Partner creators?
What do you expect from your Throne Partner creators?
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Throne Partners are a representation of our brand, however, there are some things we request from our partners in return.

Announce the Partnership

On social media and your main platform, we ask that you let people know about the partnership. You can also use one of our partner images provided on your Wishlist page.

Share the Gifts You've Received

Showcase the gifts you receive on social media or spend time unboxing gifts in your streams & videos. (Be sure to cover your name and address from all packages!) While we would prefer that you show off every gift you receive -- we know that's not a possibility for everyone. But try to make regular posts or show off some of your favorite gifts to your community.

An easy way to do this is to enable the Twitter Integration to automatically tweet whenever you receive a gift. This can be found on your Integrations page.

Promote Throne

Make sure your Throne link is accessible on your social media and main platforms. If you are live streaming, we suggest a chatbot timed message to let people know you have a Throne list.
Invite others to join! If you ever run out of invite codes, please let us know and we'll provide you with more.

Don't Be Toxic

We do not condone abusive or toxic behaviors. This includes encouraging or promoting these behaviors amongst your community. Toxic behaviors include but are not limited to racism, bigotry, misogyny, and ableism; encouraging or participating in hate raids, doxing, or abuse/assault.

We generally do not remove people from the partner program for lack of engagement or changes in metrics, however, we will remove people for harmful or toxic behaviors even if they occur outside of Throne.

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