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What are your criteria for creator Partner applications?
What are your criteria for creator Partner applications?
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Partner creators are people who enjoy using Throne and love cheerleading it to their friends and communities.

General Criteria:

  • Loves Throne!

  • Wants to share feedback and help shape the future of the product

  • Promotes Throne in their community and social media

  • Fits the vibe and feel of the brand (ie. No hate speech, no toxic behaviors, etc.)

We want people who love Throne as much as we love Throne! This doesn't mean you have to always agree with changes we make -- we want people who want to help us be the best product and brand we can be!

What We Evaluate:

  • Your metrics: social media as well as viewers/ccv

  • Your main platforms, your niche/genre, and what communities you represent

  • Your communities engagement (likes, RTs, channel activity & comments)

  • How many gifts you've received

  • How do you currently promote Throne

  • Do you pass "the vibe check" (ie. are you a good fit for the brand?) -- Again, we don't tolerate abusive or toxic behaviors

Each of these are weighted differently and we look at each application's merits on its own before how you fit into the larger Partner community. We are actively making sure we have a diverse and inclusive Partner program and want to have voices from all communities, backgrounds, and platforms.

We would love to accept everyone, but unfortunately, that isn't a possibility. If you were denied previously and feel you are a better fit now, reach out to us and we can re-evaluate. Please wait at least 6 months from your previous application date.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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