Twitch Alerts
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We now have Twitch Alerts!

First you need to connect Twitch to your Throne account. You can do this here:

If you signed up to Throne using Twitch, you should already be connected.

Next, simply Log in to Twitch with your Twitch account.

Go to your Creator Dashboard, found here on the top right:

Click this and then you should see "Alerts" on the left-hand side!

Click "Alerts" and then select "Get Started"!

Here in the "Alerts" panel you can create an "Alert Box" and also test your alerts!

You can also click "Edit Alerts" to edit existing "Alert Boxes", if you have already created one.

Once using the "Alert Editor", you can click "Create New Variant" to create an alert to edit.

You can see the different variant options once in the "Alert Editor"!

To link your Throne, scroll down to the bottom of the list where you will see this:

Allow Twitch to connect to your Throne!

Authorize, and confirm and then you should be all set!

You can then create new alerts for Throne!

There are plenty of customization options found on the right-hand side:

You can customize the alerts as you'd like, grab the browser source URL, and put it into the streaming software of your choice!

Once your alert is created, you should be able to go to your "Stream Manager", found on the left-hand side:

Once there, you can filter your "Activity Feed" to show your alerts!

You're all set!

Enjoy this direct integration with Twitch alerts for your Throne gifts!🥳

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