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Throne Stream Alerts (via browser-source)
Throne Stream Alerts (via browser-source)
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There's nothing that can elevate your stream and make your fan feel recognized more than showing an in-stream notification when a fan buys you an item. That is exactly what you can do with Throne's stream alerts via the browser-source.

It works with most broadcasting software that supports 'browser alerts' so you can receive gifts on Throne while you stream on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube!


Setting up Throne Stream Alerts

Head over to the Throne Integrations and scroll to the "Stream Alerts (via browser source)" section. From there it is just 3 quick steps:

  1. Customize your Stream Alerts until you are happy with the look and displayed message.

  2. Copy the link to paste into your broadcasting software e.g. OBS

  3. Check it's working by sending a test alert.

How to Set up Throne Stream Alerts for OBS

We are using OBS as an example but the process for most streaming software like Streamlabs works in the same way.

Download the latest OBS Software and create a new scene by clicking the + in the "Scenes" pane on the bottom left of the screen.

Then in the "Sources" pane click + to add a new source and make the source 'Browser', you might need the latest version of OBS or a plugin from OBS for Browser to be an option.


Give the source a name like... Throne Alerts


Paste in the URL from your integrations page and click OK.

Audio Tip

Tick the "Control audio via OBS" option to add a separate track to the Audio Mixer for more control over your Stream Alerts' volume.


Your Throne URL will now be displayed in your scene, you can place it anywhere you like, just make sure that the red frame is completely visible in your scene so the Stream Alert can be properly displayed.

Send a test alert from the integrations page to make sure it's working and boom, you did it!


How to set up a Throne Stream Alerts Layer in Twitch Studio

Open Twitch Studio and select the Layout that you want to add the Stream Alert layer to and select "Edit Layout" at the bottom of the screen.


Next, select + next to "Layers".
In the Add Layer menu that appears, choose "Browser Source" and click Add.


Paste the link from your integrations page in the text field on the right panel under "Webpage" and click the little arrow to connect your Stream Alert.


Make sure to send a test alert before you go live to confirm that it's working!


How to set up Throne Stream Alerts for XSplit Broadcaster

Add the Throne stream alert to XSplit Broadcaster by going to Add source > Webpage and pasting in the URL from your integrations page.

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