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What benefits are there to being a Throne Partner?
What benefits are there to being a Throne Partner?
Updated over a week ago

Beyond having our adoration, Throne Partners can also receive special perks and benefits!

Partner Badge

Special profile flare to let people know you're our Partner!

Exclusive Partner Discord Channels

Connect your Discord account to your Throne on your Integrations page for access to exclusive channels only for partners. These include special announcements before they go public, surveys, and even Town Hall calls with Throne devs & leadership!

Beta Features

Get access to some new features before everyone else! Help the team shape the site and offer feedback to improve the service.

Free GIF alerts

Your community can add GIFs to your stream alerts at no cost!

Get Featured!

Partners have the chance to be featured on our site, newsletters/blogs, as well as our social media!

And more!

We're constantly adding more things and this includes benefits for our partners! We look forward to potentially hosting events at conventions and expanding out our partner program for new and exclusive features.

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