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What is crowdfunding? How are community gifts different?
What is crowdfunding? How are community gifts different?
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Community gifts allow members of your community join together to purchase a gift for you! This is perfect for more expensive gifts that might be difficult for one person to purchase on their own.

Once a gift is completely funded, it will be purchased for you -- or you will receive the funds directly in your Throne Balance.

Is there a limit to the kind of item I can crowdfund?

As long as the item is not a restricted item, you can select it to be a community gift.

Please note: There is a $10 minimum price, due to processing fees and we are unable to refund fans for crowdfunded items.

How to add a community gift:

Add an item to your wish list like you typically would. Before hitting "save" select "Enable Community Gifting". If you have already added the item to your wish list, simply click the "edit" button and toggle community gifting on.

Once an item receives contributions, you will no longer be able to disable community gifting for this item. Our payment processors charge a fixed, non-refundable fee for each contribution.

Once you have enabled community gifting, you'll be able to see the progress of the crowdfunding from your dashboard.

Your community will be able to contribute from your public wish list page!

Community gifts will appear in whatever place/order you arrange your wish list. You can choose to feature these items so they are prominent on your wish list, or drag and drop them to the front of your list.

Your community will be able to choose the amount they would like to contribute and if they'd like to include a message. There will also be an option to contribute the remaining amount left for the gift.

If a community gift goes over its goal amount, the extra will be automatically be transferred to your Throne Balance.

What is the difference between "crowdfunding" and "community gifts"?

Honestly, just the name! We chose "community gifts" because that's what they are -- a gift from your community. We love seeing communities band together to support their content creators and what better way than helping you get new equipment, home updates, cosplay, or even just that really cool thing you haven't been able to get yourself.

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