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Can I cancel my community gift? Are contributions refunded?
Can I cancel my community gift? Are contributions refunded?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can cancel your crowdfunded community gifts!

Please be mindful that you should consider how your fans may feel if you cancel a community goal!
Fans who have contributed to an item that they thought would be bought–only to have it disappear from the wishlist because the creator decided they didn't want it, already bought it themselves, or took the funds–may be upset if you cancel the goal without communicating with them.

Crowdfunded items can only be transferred to your Throne Balance, they cannot be refunded to your fans.

The contributions (minus fees) will be transferred to your Throne Balance; however, due to technical limitations between our payment processor and our system, we are unable to refund contributions to your fans.

Please keep in mind that if a fan disputes a contribution payment, it can freeze the entire contribution amount.

We ask that you please only add items to your wishlist that you truly want to receive.

How to cancel a community gift:

On your Dashboard, select the crowdfunded item and select the three dots! Below, a drop down menu will show and you can click "Abort Community Gift" to cancel the item goal early. From here you can confirm that you would like to cancel this item and transfer all contributions to your Throne Balance.

Remember: canceling items your fans have contributed to without notice can break trust with your community. We encourage you to only add items you truly want, as well as purchase the payout items your fans have paid for.

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