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Integrating your wishlist with your Stream's Chatbot
Integrating your wishlist with your Stream's Chatbot
Updated over a week ago

You can add and control your Nightbot and StreamElements Chatbot Throne commands directly from the Integrations page of your dashboard!

Step 1: Connect to your Nightbot or StreamElements Chatbot

From your integrations page, click "Connect" for either Nightbot or StreamElements Chatbot; this will ask you to login to your account.

Step 2: Adjust your Settings

The settings and options for Nightbot and StreamElements Chatbot are the same, and you can use the same guide.

You can turn on chat messages for events, which will sent a message whenever a gift is purchased or a community gift receives a contribution.

You can also create a customized timed message, with your own desired message, which will let you choose the timed interval (ie. how often it will post in your chat) and how many lines of chat need to organically happen from other chatters before it will post (which will reduce bot spam!).

You can also create a custom command, which can call up your wishlist or link to a collection from your wishlist! Simply put in the desired command (!wishlist, !gift, and !throne are easy to use and remember) and then type in your message. Remember to link to your wishlist!

Step 3: Save your settings!

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