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How does the Throne Exchange invite system work?
How does the Throne Exchange invite system work?

Invite your friends to a Throne Gift Exchange and collect your reward!

Updated this week

Due to popular demand, we are excited to launch the Throne Exchange Invite Reward Program. This program will allow you to invite your friends to your favorite Throne Exchanges and get your entire Throne Exchange Deposit (usually $25 USD) waived!

How it works

Step 1: Enrol in an exchange of your choice

Enroll in the exchange you want to invite your friends to!

Step 2: Share your invite code

You must invite at least 5 friends who successfully complete the exchange.

Note that a user can only use an invite code on the first exchange they join.

Step 3: Buy Gifts!

Buy gifts for the exchange. Please note that we will charge you the deposit as per usual but refund it to you later as part of the reward.

Step 4: Receive your Reward 🎁

If you buy gifts for your giftee and at least 5 of your invitees also complete the exchange, we will refund you your deposit in full!


  1. You must invite at least 5 friends to the exchange for which you want your deposit waived

  2. At least 5 invited friends must complete the exchange (i.e. buy a gift for their giftee)

  3. A user can only be "invited" to an exchange if they have not yet participated in any other exchanges

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