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How does the deposit work?
How does the deposit work?

Participants need to deposit money when they join, this explains why

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Once you join an exchange, to participate, you are prompted to deposit the "minimum spend" of the particular exchange on our platform. You have to enter your credit card information before enrollment ends (see “Timeline” on each exchange page). If you already have a payment method that you've used on Throne we will charge this when the enrollment period is over!

Your card will not be charged until the enrollment period is over, when matching for gifting begins!

Once the enrollment period is over, we will charge your credit card. This deposit will be used to purchase the gift for your partner after you are matched and is needed to guarantee that every participant will receive a gift!

When you select a gift, your deposit is automatically applied towards it at checkout!

If you would like to purchase a gift of value higher than the minimal spend for your match, you absolutely can! First, the deposit will be used, and the remaining cost will be need to be paid by you during checkout.

Once the deposit is made, you cannot withdraw from the exchange.

You can only leave an exchange before the end of the enrollment period (see “Timeline” on each exchange page).

If you do not choose a gift for any reason, the Throne team will choose one for you to ensure all participants receive a gift.

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