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Can I add pre-order items to my wishlist?
Can I add pre-order items to my wishlist?
Updated over a week ago

Pre-orders can be a challenge for some items, so we do advise using caution when adding them to your Throne list.

Amazon Physical Pre-orders

Typically we have very few issues with pre-orders for physical items on Amazon. This means tangible items that would be mailed to you. Some exceptions would be for third-party sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Digital Pre-orders

Unfortunately, we do run into issues with digital pre-orders. Because we use business accounts on Amazon, they sometimes limit the digital items we can purchase -- this is especially true for game codes. We realize this can be an inconvenience for you, in particular for wanting to receive new games on release day. In these instances, we recommend listing the pre-order as a payout item and purchasing it yourself on your personal Amazon account.

Non-Amazon Pre-orders

We have found, sadly, that some merchants oversell their pre-orders, which can lead to gifts being canceled. Sometimes there can be production delays as well, which are not accounted for and can change the release dates (sometimes stalling out indefinitely). For a few merchants, they do not include estimating delivery dates on pre-orders, which can make knowing when you will receive your item a challenge.

Remember: some pre-orders sell out quickly, and we cannot guarantee we will be able to place an order for your item during that time. (Similarly why we cannot order things from auction sites.)

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