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Why are some orders canceled by the merchants?
Why are some orders canceled by the merchants?
Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, some third-party, non-partner merchants will cancel orders that we have placed with them. We try to reach out to each merchant if they cancel and order, and re-order the gift for you. If the merchant will not complete the order, we will put the item in "issue" or refund the purchase to your Throne Balance.

Though merchants sometimes do not give reasons for why they cancel orders, here are some examples for why an order might be canceled by the merchant:

  • The shipping address (your address) and billing address (our corporate address) do not match, and may even be located in different countries, and the order is falsely flagged in their system.

  • The merchant did not have the correct inventory in their system and the item is actually out of stock or back-ordered.

  • The merchant requested a verification method we cannot provide. (Extremely rare.)

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