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What happens if the gift is cheaper than what I entered on my wishlist?
What happens if the gift is cheaper than what I entered on my wishlist?
Updated over a week ago

It happens fairly rarely that the purchase price is below the price paid by the fan. We ask our creators to make sure that the price matches on both Throne and the merchant's website and to be sure to update their wishlists often!

Right now, we only check if the price far exceeds the price paid by the fan, so we only check if the item is more expensive, not if the item is cheaper. Depending on the price difference, we allow for a low margin of error (meaning that we do make a small loss on some orders if the difference is small).

In the future, we will put a system in place that gives some sort of credit to creators but right now we're breaking even on our orders and don't have this system yet implemented.

We kindly ask you to always enter the correct price directly as otherwise our agents would have additional workload to order gifts. This would unfortunately cause us to need to increase the service fee or reject gifts more frequently.

If there is a promotion, please update the price on your wishlist–be mindful that we recommend to not depend on short term sales! It is the responsibility of the creator to make sure the prices are as accurate as possible on their wishlists.

If you have any questions or concerns, such as suspecting that there was a difference in what your fan paid vs. what Throne paid, please reach out to Support so that we can investigate!

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