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How can I get an update on an order I placed?
How can I get an update on an order I placed?
Updated over a week ago

When a gifter purchases a gift for a creator they will receive:

  • A confirmation email when the gift is paid for

  • A receipt from our payment processor Stripe


  • A notification that the order has been placed by our team

Please note, some gifts are Direct Credit items or Cash Gifts, and these orders are placed by the creator! This means you will not receive the same notification that it has been placed by our team.

For the protection of creator's privacy, Throne does not and will not provide any tracking information to any gifters. Creators can track their orders if they request tracking information and can provide updates to gifters if they are comfortable doing so.

As gifters will be notified automatically via Email for shipped orders, there is no need to reach out to inquire about the shipping status!

If there is a concern, the content creator can reach out to our teams and easily request tracking details from their dashboard. We are able to provide more information to creators so your best bet will always be to ask the creator for updates or request that they reach out to us should there be an issue or concern.

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