How do Store Reviews work?
Updated over a week ago

You can now review your favorite items from our Gift Store! 🥳

When browsing our many partner store items, you may now notice that some items will have reviews left by other creators!

These reviews can be found both the search results and on the item's detail page.
Please note that the only items that currently have reviews will be Partner Store items!

You can make a review on an item you received by:

•Going to your Orders dashboard, and leaving a review.

•Going to the Gift Store and selecting an item that you have received. Once in the details of the item you can leave a review!

You will also be sent an email to let you know that items you have received are eligible for you to review!

You can also keep track of previous reviews!

Check out the new Review tab, found in your Orders dashboard, to see or edit previous reviews you have made.

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