How do Surprise Gifts work?
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Surprise Gifts allow your community to send you gifts that they choose that are not selected by you on your wishlist, and you will not know which item it is until it arrives!

It works similarly to a P.O. box, but without the hassle, cost, and option to receive something undesirable. Fans choose from gifts that you select the categories for and are found on our Gift Store which are from our Partner Merchants or Amazon!

How do I enable Surprise Gifts?

Simply go to your settings page on the "Surprise Gifts" tab and toggle on "Surprise Gifts"!

Fans can then find the Surprise Gift section right on your wishlist!

There are many customization options to curate you and your communities Surprise Gift experience–including specifying the gift categories you'd like your fans to be able to choose from:

Your fans will then only see the categories you selected to choose from.

You can use your normal help buttons if you need to request tracking, mark an item as lost, or request a return. If you need additional help please reach out to our support team!

Please note Surprise Gifts are different from Secret Gifts! Learn more about Secret Gifts here.

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