How do Secret Gifts work?
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Secret Gifts allow your community to send you gifts from your wishlist, but you will not know which item, or the item value, until you receive (or reveal) it!

You'll receive notification of the gift, and–if the gifter includes it–who sent the gift, but the item itself will be hidden!

How do I enable Secret Gifts?

Simply go to your settings page, on the "Wishlist" tab, and toggle on "Secret Gift Mode" under the Wishlist Settings section. This will make all of your gifts a secret.

Here's an example of what you'll see as a creator:

In your email confirmation the item name and image will be removed so you won't know what was purchased for you!

On your Orders page, you can see your Secret Gift, but the specific item details are hidden.

When you go into the Item Details, you can click "reveal" if you'd like to find out what your gift is before it arrives!

You can use your normal help buttons if you need to request tracking, mark an item as lost, or request a return. If you need additional help please reach out to our support team!

Please note, Secret Gifts are different from Surprise Gifts! Learn more about Surprise Gifts here.

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