Do Amazon items automatically update?
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Our new system will automatically fetch prices and availability of Amazon items!

Adding items from Amazon

Go to our Gift Store and click "+ Product Link" to add a new item to your wishlist.

Paste the Amazon link to the item and then click "next"!

Throne's system will pull the item's data from the Merchant's page. You can add a description, a quantity, and add the item to any collection you would like to help organize your wishlist.


From this menu, you can change the item title if you wish. The price will automatically be pulled from Amazon when you select the Product Options. If your item has multiple options, please be sure to select the correct option from the drop-down list as Throne will order exactly the option you select.


If needed you can click the Pencil button on the right side of the price to add variant options or change the price! Please note the price will not automatically fetch if you choose to do this.

Once you have selected the correct option and made any changes to the listing that you would like, click "Add to Wishlist".

Throne's system will check for and fetch Amazon price updates daily, but you must manually click to edit the item to update the price.


If the price is incorrect, please contact Support and provide the link to the original item. If your country has special taxes or fees not included in this price, please let our team know so we can help correct this in our system.

What if an item is unavailable?

If an item on Amazon becomes unavailable after you add it to your wishlist, it will remain on your wishlist but show that it is "currently unavailable" and your fans will not be able to purchase this item for you.

If an item becomes unavailable after a fan has purchased it our ordering agents will mark the item as "issue" status if they are unable to order it.

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