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What should I include in the item price?
What should I include in the item price?
Updated over a week ago

Many creators are confused about what exactly to include in the item price. Do I include tax? Do I include shipping? Do I include shipping duties? This article clears all this up.

DO include the item price

Of course, you should include the item's actual price

DO include high shipping

If the item has very high shipping costs or import taxes, please add these to the price. We have developed an algorithm that predicts shipping prices and calculates most taxes, however, our predictions are not always right.

Especially, if you are importing an item from a different country (for example, you live in Australia but want an item from an American merchant) or the item is coming from a specialty shop like Etsy or eBay, which sometimes charge high shipping fees.

The rule of thumb here is to add the extra shipping and import taxes to the item if shipping and import taxes combined are above $10.

Unfortunately, the best thing to do in those cases is to add the item to the cart, do the entire checkout flow and take the final shipping price and tax rate and add it to your item's price.

For ease, you can deselect "default shipping" when adding an item, and adjust the shipping rate to match that of the merchant.

We are not able to use Amazon Prime at this time, so please include shipping with Amazon items.

DON'T include temporary discounts

In general, we recommend not adding temporary discounts into the item's price calculation. The reason for this is that if the fan buys an item at the discounted price you put in but the discount expires by the time we need to order the item, your item will not be orderable.

Thus, the rule of thumb is to add discounts that are long-lasting but to avoid discounts if you think there is a chance that they will expire by the time the item is purchased by a fan and then ordered by us.

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