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What if my gift is not the quality in the image? Can I get a refund?
What if my gift is not the quality in the image? Can I get a refund?
Updated over a week ago

We ask you to please be mindful of the stores and merchants you are selecting your wish list items from -- unless the item is damaged or is the incorrect item as confirmed from the order confirmations, we cannot return these gifts.

Tips to protect yourself from poor quality items:

  • Only add items from trusted merchants and stores. While it may seem like an amazing deal to get headphones or cosplay outfits for even hundreds less than they would be elsewhere you have to ask whether the quality of this item is going to be good enough. Often: you get what you pay for.

  • Check user reviews! Be cautious if an item or merchant has only 5-star reviews without user images.

  • Check TrustPilot reviews for the merchant's site. If a lot of people are mentioning quality issues or shipping delays, maybe don't use this merchant.

  • Be careful using third-party sellers on trusted sites like Amazon. Often these are safe, but sometimes things do slip through.

While we will help you fight fraudulent merchants, ultimately you are responsible for the items you list on your Throne wish list. Please only list items from sites you would be willing to purchase from yourself.

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