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Can I return a gift for any reason?
Can I return a gift for any reason?
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If an item is damaged or the merchant sent the wrong item (as indicated from the order confirmations by our returns & support teams), we can assist you with returning your item for a refund or a replacement.

All returns are subject to the merchant's individual return policies. Some items cannot be returned for any reason. Please check the merchant's return policy. If the store does not offer, or does not accept the return request, Throne may not be able to offer a refund or re-order the item.

What if I just don't want the item any more?

We ask that you only put items on your wishlist that you actually want. Unfortunately, we generally cannot honor return request simply because you do not want the item!

Returns for reasons other than damages or merchant mistakes often can strain relationships with our merchants, making returns for broken or incorrect items much more challenging.

Please always check the store's return policy, as Throne will be held to these policies.

You can request a return on your Throne dashboard!

These requests go directly to our dedicated Returns team. Please note we often only have 30 days to inquire about orders with merchants.

Go to Orders β†’ Select Help on the item β†’ Select Return Item!

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