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How long does it take for my order to be placed?
How long does it take for my order to be placed?
Updated over a week ago

Of course, we want our creators to receive their gifts as fast as possible!

So here are a few notes about when to expect your order to be placed:

Ordering Times:

Our usual processing ranges from 2-3 days for orders from supported merchants to 3-5 days for other merchants. During high volume times, such as holidays, there could be a longer processing time.


Longer processing times can happen when an order is out of stock (so our agent tried ordering it but your configuration wasn't available anymore, then our agents wait with this order), or we had an issue with the order (the merchant doesn't accept our billing address or corporate card).

In those cases, we reach out to the merchant and try to resolve the situation which can take a bit sometimes!

All orders appear in our agent dashboards until the order is placed, however, if you waited long for your order and it wasn't ordered yet, you can reach out to our team in your order dashboard (click "Help" for the order you have a question about!).

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