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Can I get tracking for my shipment?
Can I get tracking for my shipment?
Updated over a week ago

You can request tracking 7 days after the item has been purchased.

Please login to your account and visit Next, select the shipment that did not arrive to start an investigation. Click on Help or open the details page for that item.


At the bottom of the details page, you will see a Throne Customer Service section. Track Item will provide all tracking information available as well as allow you to request tracking information for that gift.


Then, our tracking team agents will see your tracking request and will inform you once tracking details are obtained.

Automated Tracking

Some items receive automated tracking! You can find it in the same Track Item section.

Please note we are only able to provide the tracking if we receive it. If an unreasonable amount of time (2-3 weeks or so) goes by without you receiving tracking please create a ticket for our Support team!

Lost Orders

Once you receive your tracking information, if your gift is still missing and the tracking does not indicate it is still on its way to you, you can submit a lost package ticket to our lost orders team and they will investigate this for you.

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